Saturday, November 22, 2014

A New Dscovery In the Timeline

This new discovery is quite simple. The biblical Genesis account tells of a heavens and earth that was already in existence at the beginning (Gen 1:1-4), before the 6 days of creation even began. The biblical account is not in contradiction to some estimates of the universe being much older. Despite this mistake by young earth creationists, numerous natural processes date life on earth to be impossible past 10,000 years ago. Thus, while the universe and distant galaxies may be much older, the evidence points to life on earth only being thousands of years old, not millions. 

Thus, stars many light years away are not in contradiction to the Biblical Genesis account. Genesis 1:14-16 says God made the sun moon and stars as signs. It doesn't say he made ALL of the stars and galaxies at that time. It would be a mistake to assume he made the entire universe with its other stars and galaxies many light years away at that same time because those stars cannot even be seen (with the eye)  as "signs".

Furthermore, none of the 6 days of creation describe God creating other solar systems or distant galaxies.  Young earth creationists continue to make this same mistake of presumption by saying every single star and galaxy was made at that time. While the young earth creationists are ultimately right that life on earth is close to 6,000 years old by the many many scientific age measurements from nature, they are confusing seekers of truth and this is distorting the issue. They need to learn to separate the start of life on earth, from much of the rest of the universe,  which was already in existance before the 6 days of creation began (Genesis 1:1-2).

Further more, scripture describes there being different kinds of "heavens". To apply this word "heaven" in Gensis 1 to mean every single galaxy and star in existance would be an act of presumption.

 So with this new discovery & understanding, seekers of truth can now pursue the evidence untainted, being convinced by it, to seek the God who wants to save them, as they take the steps of faith to pursue knowing him.